Three reasons CITIJAL septic systems are perfect for off-grid living

CITIJAL biodigester septic systems support a low-carbon, off-grid and eco-friendly lifestyle, perfect for British Columbia’s West Coast.


Our septic tanks are manufactured with polyethylene of the best quality. They are incredibly durable and economical, and provide a long-term solution for the management of wastewater.

Plus, they don’t need to be connected to municipal water, power or sewer and they don’t need to be pumped.


CITIJAL biodigesters are safe and organic. They use anaerobic bacteria to break down waste into phosphorus, methane and water. The methane gas, or biogas, is produced in very small amounts and released through small vents.

They don’t require any added chemicals and are easy to clean and maintain, plus they treat household waste instead of contributing to sewage outfall.


Our biodigesters are more than eco-friendly: they actually help build the soil and fertilize the land.

Liquids are separated, filtered and drained into the surrounding field where the rich nitrogen content supports green growth.

Solids are digested by the bacteria until they become phosphorus and can be used as garden fertilizer.

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